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Downloadable Booklets

Below is a sampling of the many special programs and supplements that will be posted in PDF format throughout the school year. Once posted, the majority are archived and available for the entire school year for you to access at your convenience. All are FREE to teachers and students with your sponsored subscription.

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Global warming continues to be a hot topic, and this 12-page, full-color section explains the science behind the climate change. It also provides learning activities connecting the theme to the latest news. Four activity sheets are included.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed of a world where all people had equal rights. Have we achieved that goal? Students are challenged to learn the history of the civil rights movement and to think about the future of equal rights for all. Written by a humanities teacher, this section is a great way to learn about and celebrate Martin Luther King Day and is a great lead-in to Black History Month in February.

A lively and practical guide to earning, budgeting and investing. Students will track their spending habits, set goals and plan ahead.
Level: Elementary, Middle
Theme: Math, Economics

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